Participatory Organic Certification Services

The Participatory Guarantee Systems of Ghana work towards the promotion of organic produce throughout the nation.


Apply for PGS Organic Certification to ensure your farm is supported.


We help promote farmers and their products in Ghana and abroad.


We train farmers on site to develop skills and share vital knowledge


Download and use a wide range of resources in our knowledgebase.

Our Mission is to provide healthy food

PGS Ghana seeks to generate awareness on the importance of organic agriculture for healthier food production. PGS aims to add value to products and for farmers and processors to increase their income, by offering opportunities to broadly market their products and services.

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Upcoming Events

Following and attend our regular farmer workshops, markets, training seminars, and online events. We also provide a platform for farmers to network and create their own events to ensure our PGS community stays connected.

PGS @ Green Butterfly Market

November 19, 2022

PGS Organic Market

November 5, 2022
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Latest news from PGS Ghana

A thank you to all farmers at Green Butterfly

Thank you to all the PGS farmers who turned up at the Green Butterfly / PGS ORGANIC Market this past Saturday for the initial outdooring of Xtra pay to consumers. It was a great success!

Guaranteeing Organic in Ghana During a Pandemic

Ghana is currently developing a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), which will enable small-scale organic farmers to assure consumers that their produce is organic.

My Story, Going Organic

My name is Ewurama. My moving towards purchasing organic produce and clean eating was and is an on-going process but working in an international development organization with intervention for organic farmers no doubt was a major catalyst in the decision.

Let’s talk about the big “O” in Food Security

orms an integral part of our identity. Arguably, ones’ choice of food easily dictates their mood and health in the long run.

Learn how to tell when it is “Organic”

“Organic” is often used to describe various sustainable agricultural and food items. The term “organic” also is used descriptively for an action.

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