My Story, Going Organic

My name is Ewurama. My moving towards purchasing organic produce and clean eating was and…

My name is Ewurama. My moving towards purchasing organic produce and clean eating was and is an on-going process but working in an international development organization with intervention for organic farmers no doubt was a major catalyst in the decision.

My challenge then was, with three (3) kids, I found it was quiet a task to find time to invest in my health. So I decided to focus on little changes where I could. Going to major supermarkets to get my fruits and vegetables was a struggle as my kids don’t like being dragged in and out of the car multiple times and on weekends.

I finally discovered not one but two organic “Farmers Market” in Accra where their fruits and vegetables are trusted organic produce due to my organizations’ work with them (one must be careful as there are many local produce on the market claiming to be organic but not.

Always check the certification and if locally produced for the local market, check for PGS logo or check from the Ecological Organic Agriculture Platform secretariat (EOAP-G). Always research on local produced organic produce ahead of purchase.

Finding the Farmers Market was a breath of fresh air. Local, affordable, seasonal, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables were available. And if course, there is no doubt I would prefer my kids to eat the unadulterated food too.

Another thing I love about the organic Farmers Market is there is usually no, or few plastic bags used.

I am still on my organic journey, knowing it’s a work in progress. I do what I can at the moment and like anyone, sometimes I snack from vendors on the street or order a takeaway for dinner. We are all human but we can start from small and spread the organic word. If we think about where our food comes from and the process it goes through, and try to make changes, it will make a difference – for our health, for our family and country.

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