Mushroom Growing Guidelines


These are the guidelines for organic mushroom farming in Ghana.

1. Culture substrate

Culture substrate for mushroom shall be constituted of organic ingredients such as, organic grass, seed cakes, straw and sawdust.

Where organic substrate are unavailable,  ingredients from conventional products or  natural origin which do not pose a risk of  contamination may be used.

Inputs used in mushroom production shall be in accordance with Clause 6.6, 6.7 and 6.8 of the EOSG.

2. Site location and buffers

Observe adequate buffer between your operation and potential sources of contamination such as farming operation, industrial sites, unhealthy environment with industrial environmental pollutions.

Buffer size will vary based on activities of your neighbour, what substances are used, how they are applied, prevailing wind pattern, physical barriers between potential sources of risk and mushroom production site.

3. Management of production site

  • Maintain production site in a way that prevents contact with prohibited substances.
  • Construction materials shall be free from prohibited substances treatment.
  • Organic and non-organic production units must be separated by facilities separate by space, ventilation systems, boxes, trays, tools, substrate, holding racks, including facilities for compost production.

4. Mushroom seed

Organic spawn (seeds) shall be used, if not available,
conventional grown spawn may be used.

5. Conversion period

Existing non-organic mushroom production systems can be converted to organic production if the operator shall implement a cleaning protocol as including in EOSG Standard using organic cleaning agents.

6. Pest control, water usage, sanitation

• Preventative pest and disease management
systems shall be the preferable approach.
• Water used should not pose any contamination
risk to mushroom and human.
• Water obtained from gutters, gullies, sewage
drains, industrial waste ponds and catchments,
or any other water sources that may be
contaminated with industrial work, municipal
waste or human sewage is prohibited for use.

These are basic requirements for mushroom production, based on Ecological Organic Standard for Ghana (EOSG) which was adopted by the PSG Ghana community in Jan 2019.

More information about organic farming and the practical application of these requirements can be obtained from;

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