Farmer Group 2 costs GH₵6 per farmer (minimum 20 farmers) in group, plus additional training (GH₵5 per farmer) and consultancy fees (GH₵10 per farmer).

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    Total membership fee: GH₵

    Please make a bank transfer to the following account before supplying
    your membership details.

    Account details for PGS- Ghana Account details:

    • Account name: Louis Bolk Institute Ghana- PGS

    • Account number: 9040008138014

    • Bank: Stanbic bank

    • Branch: Accra Mall, Accra

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    Farmer Group Membership 2:

    A group of farmers (20 and above) working on the same piece of land which is less than 5 acres 0.50 cedi per month per member of the group/6 cedis per year per member of the group. Plus: 1. Two trainings per year for 20 cedi per member 2. Two consultancies per year for 50 cedi per member

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    Biographical Details

    Please fill the questionnaire and include brief explanations were available.

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